Bairnsdale property sale

Gill & Drew , 20 Apr 2012

Having Yvette from East Gippsland Real Estate working with us to sell our property was fantastic.
Our property had been on the market for a considerable amount of time in our eye's, and every time an offer was put on the table we had to consider what the bottom line meant for us.

With Real Estate commissions so high in the region, we had to really think could we afford to sell at the price offered.

With Yvette's low commission/fixed commission rate, this was something we didn't have to think
about any more and we could re-evaluate what this meant for us.

Yvette was awesome to work with, full of fresh ideas, friendly, reliable, and her "nothing is a hassle" type of approach made the experience of selling much more enjoyable. We would highly recommend Yvette's real estate company and if you are thinking of buying or selling through her firm.
Don't think just do it!

Drew and Gill