Letter of appreciation and gratitude

Mark , 02 May 2016

In January 2016, I had the complete fortune, honor and the greatest pleasure to meet and subsequently engage Yvette Mc CARTNEY , of East Gippsland and Lakes Real Estate to sell my Mother's property.

My Mother had tried unsuccessfully for approximately 14 months to sell her residential property in Orbost which was listed through a local large corporate country real estate company.

In fact, in 14 months, not one offer of sale or inspection of that property occurred and it was very clear to me that this had occurred because of the apathy and lack of justifiable evidence that the agent was actively trying to sell this beautiful home.

Before retiring in December 2015, I had been a Police Officer and Detective for nearly 30 years.

At 49, I have sold and purchased many homes.  I have built several of my own properties and at one time had several investment properties in Melbourne.  I have dealt with many, many high profile Melbourne Real Estate agents which have included Hocking Stuart and Ray White, to name just two.

In late 2015, it was clear to me that a fresh and concerted approach would be required if there was to be any chance of selling my Mothers property, which had stood vacant for 14 months.

In early 2016, as a qualified investigator, I conducted some due diligence through the internet in relation to various Gippsland and Lakes Entrance real estate agents, specifically their sales and performance history and customer service ratings from buyers and sellers.

It became very clear to me that the only person that was capable and I wanted to engage to sell this property was Yvette Mc Cartney. Her track record, sales experience and expertise stood out by a country mile from all the rest.

It wasn't very long before I began to refer to her as "H.R.H."  (Her Royal Highness) as in my opinion and from my dealings with her over the last few months, she is the "Queen" of Gippsland and Lakes Entrance real estate, a fitting title given the miracle she has performed and her status as an agent in my opinion.

Yvette sold my Mother's property within 6 weeks, something the other agent could not achieve in 14 months.

To even further demonstrate her ability in dealing with sellers and buyers, my Mother is almost 72 years of age and the buyer, due to an impairment was being represented by the State Trustees Office.  Even with this seemingly potential added complication, the sale of my Mother's property was handled with expediency, compassion, professionalism and seamless aplomb by both Yvette.

I can tell you from personal experience that no other real estate agent will work harder to sell your property than Yvette.  Thank you Yvette  on behalf of myself, my Mother and the buyer for all the tireless effort and time you invested in selling this property.  I cannot speak highly enough of this real estate agency and highly recommend that if you are looking for the best real estate agents in Gippsland and Lakes Entrance, I would not look any further than East Gippsland and Lakes Real Estate, Bairnsdale.

Yours faithfully