There has been a noticeable increase in the number of buyers inspecting and purchasing homes over the last month. Many of my properties are currently Under Contract and over the next few weeks they will become unconditional. When an offer has been made on a property and a Contract of Sale signed by all parties, but, it is conditional upon something, I continue to advertise the property For Sale until all conditions have been met. If you have any queries about this please feel free to give me a call and I can explain my reasons.

Other properties with terrific appeal and priced correctly are seeing little or no action, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason, I find it is a timing thing, the perfect buyer isn’t always looking at the time you wish to sell. It can test the patience of many Vendors, lean on your agent, talk to them and find out what the market is doing, what is selling and is there anything you can do to assist the sale.

Clearance rates of properties in Melbourne reported to the REIV this weekend are 62% of 833 Auctions held. Clearance of Melbourne properties has a huge benefit to us in regional areas. I spend time with many buyers that are on the market in Melbourne and elsewhere and until they have sold many of them cannot buy. The market can turn very quickly, we are already seeing a flow on effect of the increase and positive outcomes of sales in Melbourne etc.

It was reported on the internet yesterday that the number of new owner-occupier housing loans rose by 0.9 per cent in September after a 2.1 per cent rise in August – the best back-to-back gains in nine months. The value of all home lending rose by 3.8 per cent with owner-occupier loans up by 1.3 per cent while investment loans lifted by 8.6 per cent.

Of loan applicants, first home buyers accounted for 19.3 per cent of all loans in September – an eight month high. Fixed rate loans accounted for 13.7 per cent of all loans in September, the biggest share in five months. And the average home loan across Australia stood at $300,200, down 0.1 per cent on a year ago.

There was also an interesting graph on the Age site yesterday which shows, annual growth in house prices rocketed to almost 20 per cent in early 2010, after the Reserve Bank slashed its official interest rate to 3 per cent during the global financial crisis. Presently we are at 3.25% and with the expectation of several more cuts the long term future for house prices looks good. Please note that the graph related to capital city house prices so there might be a bit of lag time between the city and us but things are encouraging.

There are what I call 4 P’s that are imperative to all property sales.





Give me a call and I can explain these in detail or send you out information.

I am available to answer any of your real estate questions and feel free to pass our website details to family, friends and work colleagues. Word of mouth has been better than any other marketing tool I use. Thank you for all the referrals, the people of East Gippsland have shown my agency huge support and I am truly humbled.

Until the next newsletter, stay safe and take care.

Kind Regards




Hi and thanks for perusing my website and reading my newsletter. It has only been 4 months since EG&LRE was founded and in that short period of time it is very evident to me that East Gippslanders are more than ready to see competitive commission rates brought to the local real estate industry.  My business has been welcomed with open arms and gathered huge support. I’ve been asked where I have been working for the last 6 years or so. I was working for a large real estate franchise in Lakes Entrance as their leading salesperson.  Prior to that I spent 3 years with a large building surveyor company in Bairnsdale. At this point I must thank my old boss there Brian, the experience I gained in the office and onsite with him and the building surveyors holds me in great stead in real estate. I have also been giving support to my husband in his contract plumbing business for the past 18 years which has provided me with great experience for real estate as well, his knowledge assists me often. Thanks Baz you’re the best.

How is the local market is the number one question people want to know. Strong. I have been very busy, buyer enquiry is strong. I broke my all time record this week and did 6 buyer inspections in one day. Buyers are registering with me which is fantastic, if I know what you are looking for I can keep an eye out for it and let you know as soon as I see a property that might suit you. Call or email and tell me what you’re looking for as I pride myself on matching buyers with properties.

Open Home attendances have been excellent, infact, attendees at a recent Open Home I had in Nicholson had me running to answer everyones queries and make sure everyone felt welcome and had a great experience inspecting the property. Open Homes are a great way to invite the public to inspect a property. I love Saturdays, I grab a takeaway coffee, the newspaper and put the signs out nice and early, then I get to meet great people and show them homes. This really is my dream job and it is all I have ever wanted to do. Actually it is not a job for me, it’s true what they say, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

On another note. There’s a few agents in town that have taken the time to call me and let’s say “speak their mind”. Competitive commissions are here to stay. I’m too busy and I’m not buying into it so please don’t call me unless the conversation is to be kept on a totally professional level. I can charge what I see fit as commissions are totally negotiable and I might lower the rate yet.

I absolutely intend to give Vendors and Buyers the best value and most professional real estate service I possibly can. I would prefer to take the $5,995 than the $59,995 and that is the honest truth, life is short, this is something I can do to assist people who really need it and who really appreciate it. To me selling one house is not worth more than $5,995 ever, that’s my honest opinion. I have sold many over the years. I never quite understood why agents believe they can charge on a percentage of the sale price. Is there another industry that pays this way? I can’t think of one.

Another interesting topic which many people do not know:

Commission is negotiable and you MUST be told this by the agent BEFORE signing any sales authority.

You must receive a copy of any Authority you sign at the time of signing.

An agent must not market a property without a signed Authority on file.

Moving right along….

Clearance rates for Melbourne Auctions this weekend are as follows:

This information is provided to you direct from the CEO of REIV Enzo Raimondo

“A clearance rate of 55 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 58 per cent last weekend and 53 per cent this weekend last year. With the exception of January the month of July historically has the lowest volume of residential auctions. This year the winter trend is exacerbated with around 10 per cent fewer auctions than this time last year. Volumes will begin to increase in August providing buyers with greater choice. There were 329 auctions reported to the REIV today with 180 selling and 149 being passed in, 95 of those on a vendors bid. Next weekend the REIV expects around 390 auctions again. “

Video Tours

My video tours are creating a great deal of interest, feedback from the viewers is very positive, the buyers certainly appreciate taking the tours. My teenage boys were on youtube the other day and were really surprised and alerted me to the fact that my videos have had 1,220 views, I must admit I was absolutely surprised to hear I had that many video tour looks, I was thrilled.

Another thank you goes out to my mate Ken, one of the best and most successful real estate agents in a large regional town in Victoria today. Your foresight in the industry and absolute dedication to the industry is to be commended.

Until the next newsletter, stay safe, take care and I am always available for any of your real estate needs. It is a pleasure to provide you with this service.

Kind Regards



March 2012

Hi and welcome to a new generation of real estate. Thanks for taking the time to peruse my website and newsletter.

It is my aim to write a Newsletter at least once a fortnight. Number 1 on my newletter list is to say a huge thank you to the massive support I have received. It has truly been overwhelming. I will work tirelessly to service your real estate needs.

I wanted to provide East Gippslanders with more than just a pretty real estate website, I get asked many questions by people and I felt there was a need to provide a website that showscases my properties for sale and gives information about buying and selling. This is just the basics and I will add to it as I find the time over the coming months.There are many ideas being worked on and these will be implemented over the coming months.

Real Estate is mobile, many successful agents are now operating their businesses from a home office, my iphone and tablet allow me to be in contact on the road and onsite. The internet, newspaper and sign on your property will showcase your property to the world, and when the buyer makes an enquiry, I am ready to assist.

I have been thanked by many people including total strangers for my low fee structure, you are only a stranger until we meet, then you become a client. Clients and referrals are gold in this business.

I have been asked "why" I took this road of capping commissions as my full licence and knowledge is worthy of buying a franchise and managing a large real estate office in the main street. That's simple, it takes me no more time and effort to sell your $200,000 home than it does your $900,000 home. I wanted to use my full real estate licence and knowledge from experience to help people in my own way. Over the years I have assisted people from all walks of life with their real estate needs, from the elderly to the young just starting out in their first home, every appraisal, listing and sale delights me. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the job is the people I meet. Every day is different and some more challenging than others.

My business is growing rapidly, I will endeavour to find the time to provide you with a Newsletter as I feel there is a need to let the public know of interesting real estate topics both locally and elsewhere.

Currently there are many properties coming onto the market. I have been asked to appraise and list many properties since beginning this business 5 weeks ago. Thank you to all the vendors that place immense trust in me. Thank you also to all the buyers that are contacting me, your details and requirements are confidentially kept on my database to enable me to contact you when I see a property that I believe might suit you.

I provide video tours and I am the first to admit they are a bit daggy but, these are a great way for buyers to go through a property without inconveniencing Vendors. By the time buyers have seen all the photos, taken the video tour, read my editorial, seen the floorplan (if available) they are very sure the property will suit their needs.

There's plenty of work to be done and many more EG&LRE signs will be appearing between now and the next newsletter, so until then, take care, stay safe and remember I am always available to assist you with any of your real estate queries. It is a pleasure to offer this service to you.

Kind Regards