Moving home checklist

Start a file on your new property so everything is kept in the one place.
Organise insurance on your new property irrespective of any existing owner’s coverage, THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT
Investigate school and child care facilities in your new area.
Obtain quotes from furniture removalists and/or truck rental.
Confirm all loan paperwork is signed with your bank.
Book your removalist / truck rental.
Organise packing cartons and start packing, label boxes for easy reference.
Do not pack any valuables. Keep them with you on the day of the move.
Ensure your removalist insures your furniture for damage or lost property.
Ensure your solicitor sends a notice of disposition to the local council.
(once this occurs you will receive rubbish collection and other services).
Redirect your mail.
Advise the Electoral commission of your new address.
Advise VicRoads of change of address for your drivers licence and registration.
Use the floor plan to plan furniture in new home.
Confirm settlement details with your solicitor / conveyancer.
Arrange transfer of school records for children.
Organise water bills to be changed.
Organise connection and disconnection of your power supply.
Organise connection and disconnection of your gas supply.
Organise connection and disconnection of your telephone service.
Notify all friends and family of your new address and phone number.
Notify your bank of your new address.
Arrange new registration / address tags for your pets.
Newspaper and other subscriptions need to be cancelled / changed to your new address.
Advise your doctor, dentist etc. of your new address.
Arrange for your old home to be cleaned and all rubbish removed.
Leave items such as warranty certificates, instruction manuals, garage remote controls and anything else that goes with the house on a bench or in the top cutlery drawer in the kitchen.
A purchaser who is new to the area might also appreciate the names of competant trades people who are familiar with the property being left for them.
Turn off lights, appliances and hot water, lock the old home securely.
Deliver house keys to East Gippsland & Lakes Real Estate or otherwise leave them as arranged.

If you have purchased a new home - once settlement has occurred:
Collect keys from your real estate agents office or as arranged.
Organise for the locks to be changed at your new home.
Finally, meet your new neighbours when you move in.

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